Thursday, March 16, 2017

White House Easter Egg Hunt Hosted by Animal Abusers

The President and First Lady of pain and cruelty!!!
The White House has announced this year's Easter Egg hunt with a money making lottery.

Millions of rabbits tortured by Trump companies for big profits
What they don't want you to know is this White House is run by animal abusers.

Melania and Donald Trump own cosmetics firms that test on Easter Bunnies a.k.a. rabbits and many
other innocent animals including beagles and other dogs, cats and mice.

Why rabbits?

"There is very little science behind the reason why rabbits are used. It has more to do with practical considerations—they are small and gentle and so easy to handle; they are relatively cheap to maintain if only basic standards are adhered to; and they breed fast, creating new test subjects quickly.

Rabbits also have no tear ducts so, unlike humans, they can't cry out harmful substances from their eye. This means that in the Draize eye test the rabbit's eye is exposed to more of the test chemical for longer periods, which is one of the main reasons why rabbits are chosen for this procedure."

Ivanka, the daughter, owns perfume companies that perform hideously cruel tests on rabbits and other animals.

Even more horrific, the Ivanka Trump line which sells beanies made from rabbits they import from Chinese fur farms.

Many of these rabbits are skinned alive!!

We object to the horrible cruelty to animals at the bloody hands of the Melania, Donald and Ivanka Trump.

Here is only one bunny rabbit who has been skinned..still alive....
This is a huge slap in the face to animal lovers everywhere. We consider this 'first family' utterly disgusting and repulsive to throw a big photo-op Easter party when in truth, they've tortured millions of rabbits and other animals to line their pockets.

Read about the Chinese House of Horrors where 10,000 rabbits are skinned so multi-millionaire Ivanka Trump can sell hats!

Please sign and share the petition objecting to Ivanka Trump, an animal abuser, and her presence in the White House:

PETITION: Animal Abuser Ivanka Trump in the White House

Think of these bunnies dying horrible deaths every day while the Trumps throw Easter parties with photo ops!

The First Lady of Animal Torture..these cosmetics are created by cruelty!

The President's perfumes that test on animals!

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